The African History Month Honors and Celebrates H.E Magufuli’s Legacy: African Economic Independence

Date: 21st March 2021
RE: The African History Month Honors and Celebrates H.E Magufuli’s Legacy:
African Economic Independence

Greetings sons and daughters of Africa, Kings and Queens,
I am extremely proud to be the founder of the African History Month and its very fascinating to to write down in our spectacles the History being made before our very eyes.
But I cannot begin without honoring, celebrating and acknowledging enormous contributions that the late Tanzanian President accomplished through selfless service to his people and strong commitment to Pan African ideals of self reliance. President Magufuli rejected a $10 Billion Chinese loan which came with crazy conditions that took Tanzania into economic slavery and he said only a mad man would sign such a deal, but the truth is that we have so many mad men in Africa who are our leaders and instead of leading us into economic independence they have led us into economic bondage through accepting foreign aid with shocking demands.
President Magufuli reduced his own salary from $15,000 to $4,000 a month, cut short expenditure frenzy in unnecessary foreign trips or parties, introduced cheaper vehicles for public service, discouraged lavish events by public institutions and channeled these funds to develop Tanzanian industries.
In 2015 he suspended the Country’s Independence Day in favor of a national clean up campaign to help reduce the spread of cholera. While personally participating in clean up efforts he said: ‘’It was so shameful that we are spending huge amounts of money to celebrate 54 years of Independence when our people are dying of cholera.’’ The cost savings made were invested in improving hospitals and sanitation in Tanzania. He encouraged value addition of Tanzania’s natural resources and established a gold refinery plant, built Tanzania standard gauge electric railway at the cost of $1.92 billion dollars which was half the price of Kenya’s diesel Railway. It is impossible to exhaust Magufuli’s achievements and his development record speaks for itself.
There is no doubt that Magufuli was a visionary leader, a great Pan Africanist who championed economic development for his people using his power to light up smiling faces of people delivered from the shackles of poverty.
Africa mourns this great son of the soil, my sincere condolences to his immediate family, friends, relatives and Tanzania as a nation.
Now that the heavens have received his excellency Magufuli with great honour and reverence, I take this opportunity to congratulate the newly sworn in first female President of Tanzania Mrs. Samia Suluhu.
Dr John Pombe Magufuli set the bars for leadership so high; such that people have even larger expectations of what Suluhu will do as the first woman to be President in United Republic of Tanzania. We hope that she will inspire more to ascend into that position through following in the footsteps of Magufuli and keeping his anti-imperial legacy alive.
Africa cannot develop through foreign aid and this pandemic has proven that Africa needs internal solutions. We need to trade more with each other as lockdowns become the order of the day in Europe which Africa heavily depends on as a market.
Today we celebrate 3 years after the founding of AfCFTA, the largest free trade area in the world which connects over 1.3 billion people across 55 countries with a combined US$3.4 trillion.
AfCFTA provides economic salvation to the African people only if we seize the opportunity, encourage more intra- Africa trade, cut down or eliminate export of raw materials to foreign countries and set up industries to add value to what we produce.
African states have an obligation to eradicate all barriers to trade to ensure that not only goods and services move freely across the continent but also Africans move freely throughout the continent.
Embracing Swahili as a business language can accelerate the gains we have made to champion for political unity of Africa through United States of Africa. Africa needs a common language to help diffuse the tensions, misunderstandings and eradicate divisions caused by the scramble, partition and the colonization of Africa; the greatest fraud in history committed by European colonizers who today have completely forgotten the crimes against humanity they committed in Africa and are telling us to get over colonialism and slavery, yet they deny massive atrocities they committed against us.
The African History Month is an opportunity for former colonizers to come out clean and begin returning thousands of African stolen artifacts that they are still holding in their museums as I speak now.
Patrice Lumumba’s quotes still relevant today: “The colonialists care nothing for Africa for her own sake. They are attracted by African riches and their actions are guided by the desire to preserve their interests in Africa against the wishes of the African people. For the colonialists all means are good if they help them to possess these riches”. -Speech at the All-African Conference in Leopoldville August, 1960
It is so true that political independence has no meaning if not accompanied by rapid social and economic development of African people.
The day has come for African History to speak, and this will not be the history that is being taught in Brussels, Paris, Washington or the United Nations. Africa will write its own history and in both East and West, North and South it will be a history of glory and dignity.
We must endeavor to rewrite the history of Africa in our own terms, from our own spectacles and eradicate so many lies written by our oppressors glorifying European colonialism in Africa as Europe’s golden age
This is the time which Patrice Lumumba talked about and we must rewrite the history of Africa in our own terms and eradicate so many lies written by our oppressors glorifying European colonialism in Africa as Europe’s golden age.
Europe must be ready to pay reparations for colonization and slavery and return stolen goods to Africa if they want to change the perception of how we see Europe.
The United States of Africa remains firmly committed towards restoration of the dignity of people of African descent, recognition and justice amidst searing flames of racial injustice against people of African descent all over America and all over the world.
Whether you were born in Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, Europe, United States or anywhere in the world as long as you are of African descent and have a pinch of melanin you are an African and belong to Africa.
Long Live Africa
I thank you.

Daniel Mwambonu
African History Month





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