Founders Speech: The Launch of African History Month: ADWA 125th Celebration

Greetings fellow Africans ,at home or abroad whether you were born in Africa or Africa was born in you.

I am extremely delighted to officiate this important event which will go down in African History as a defining moment for Africa.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to our sponsors 2nacheki TV and ZNBC News for broadcasting this historical event which will go down in history as the greatest of all.

May I remind you that on this day we are celebrating the 125th Adwa Victory Anniversary with our heads held up high and belief that neocolonialism is formidable if we come together as a people or nation to rid off Africa the last vestiges of Colonialism.

Adwa is the bulwark of Pan Africanism and one of the major pillars of African unity.

It inspires us to put down our personal differences, religious or tribal differences and unify for a common cause to defend and protect our motherland Africa from continuous imperialist exploitation.

Africa must wake up and put to an end the ongoing onslaught of our natural resources by foreign Countries that once colonized Africa at the expense of the African people.

The African History Month presents a reborn African who is ready and willing to utilize the natural resources for  own development.

Today with the launch of African History Month we have taken an important step to take charge of our story and define our narrative from African spectacles.

Western Historians have walked us through valleys and mountains of lies supposed to be African History and many attempts have been made to erase us from history ,downplay our victories and fat crooked lies been told about who we are as African people yet all this is not true.

We all know that the history of Africa did not begin with slavery and there were thriving kingdoms in Africa without the help of the white man.

In fact the African Moors ruled Spain and civilized Europeans for 700 years, taught them how to use soap and shower, pulled them out of the cages and taught them the African architecture.

There is no country without  an African Presence  and thus the African global presence over the centuries is an indisputable historical fact. Scientists now have evidence the evolutionary birthplace of human kind was in northern Botswana yet Africa for many years has been ridiculed and called ‘’uncivilized’’ in spite of it being the mother of all civilizations and wonders of the world upon which today’s modern world stands on.

The African History Month is an annual celebration of  the achievements of people of African descent from Africa,Pacific,Europe ,United States, Latin America and all over the world

African History Month acknowledges the enormous contributions that Africa has made to the world’s civilizations.

The United States of Africa is registered as a non profit corporation in Texas, United States and is the driving force behind this African Holiday.

African History Month will rewrite the history of Africa from an Afrocentric perspective, debunk Eurocentric lies, conserve African History, promote African Culture and heritage ,encourage and promote further research and celebrate the achievements of all people of African descent including where Black History Month is not celebrated.

I founded the African History Month   on 15th February 2021  through a proclamation with a vision to restore Africa’s lost dignity, encourage Africans to rewrite their history  and inspire self pride in  Africans at home or diaspora while championing for reunification of all people of African descent through unifying our common history which has long been divided by slavery and colonialism.

On this day I encourage African states, Caribbean ,Pacific and nations around the world to celebrate the African History Month with us and take time to appreciate Africa’s pivotal role in defining today’s society.

In honor of those historians  who came before me, I hereby declare the African History Month Launched.

Thank you and may God and  our ancestors bless you,


Daniel Mwambonu


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