9th African History Month Grand Finale Conference: Celebrating African Greatness

Date: 31st March 2021

RE: African History Month  Celebrating African Greatness

Greetings  sons and daughters of the soil, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, greetings to all those watching this grand finale  9th African History Month conference all over the world,

The African History Month is undoubtedly the most revolutionary event in African History  founded on 15th February Midnight and ending on 1st April Midnight.

I had no idea that it will be this great when I was compelled by our ancestors to establish this important event which has reunited people of African descent all over the world to celebrate and acknowledge Africa’s greatness and recognize the enormous contributions Africa has made to the world’s civilizations to this day.

The African History Month is an annual event  established to celebrate the achievements of people of African descent all over the world and acknowledge Africa’s enormous contributions to the world’s civilizations.

Throughout the African History Month we have continued to inspire, we have  provoked thinking ,educated and provided a platform to have a serious dialogue on issues that affect people of African descent all over the world, some of our conferences focused on the impacts of racism, slavery, colonialism  and its impacts in Black mental health, we also delved into conversations that made some uncomfortable because many don’t want to face the truth about the role of Arabs and Europeans in slavery and subsequent underdevelopment of Africa.

We have celebrated and honored the women of African descent who have made significant achievements throughout history.

The United States of Africa has demonstrated its commitment towards women  and youth empowerment  by creating spaces that will allow women or young people to network and reach their full potential.

This is the time for Africans at home or diaspora to unify ,embrace the African identity and be proud of who we are as a people or nation.

It is true that people of African descent are the most diverse group of humans in history and contrary to the beliefs that Africa is a dark continent the  actual fact is that  the Jarawa tribe in Andaman Islands are the darkest people of African descent in the world, the Natives of Buka and Bougainville at the northern Solomon Islands in Melanesia and the Chopi people of Mozambique in the southeast coast of Africa have darker than most population in Africa.

Being an African therefore cannot be measured by the intensity of colour, geographical boundaries or religion as being an African is a global identity not restricted to geographic location or colour intensity as we have a variety of Africans, some darker than others while some lighter but this doesn’t make less African.

All people of African descent whether they live in Africa, Caribbean, Melanesia, Europe, Middle East, Asia or in the United States are Africans and belong to the Motherland.

Africans are not chameleons who change their identity based on surroundings but Europeans change their identity based on surroundings, Africans can live in Asia for 10,000 years but still remain Africans but bring a European into Africa and the next day he wants to be called an African.

Because of constitutions inherited from our colonizers Africa continues to lose its natural resources to foreigners who camouflage to take advantage of the weak laws in several African states to gain access to our land and minerals as Africans languish in poverty.

In order to eradicate the last vestiges of colonialism and stem out imperialism in Africa we must redefine who is an African and change citizenship laws to reflect this reality that not everyone can become an African.

The founding father of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah reminded us that the best way of learning to be an independent sovereign state is to be an independent sovereign state and to attain this we must rely on Africa’s natural resources to catapult us out of constant state of underdevelopment.

Africa must unite and redefine for itself what development means, it doesn’t make sense to reply on foreign aid yet Africa its blessed with abundant natural resources that Western countries are fighting over at all costs even if it means turning Somalia against Kenya so that they can get the oil.

It is clear that to the imperialists, all means are good if they help them get these riches that Africa possesses.

As the African History Month comes to an end on this day 1st April, I would like to extend my unfaltering gratitude to the team that played a huge role in helping us organize the African History Month conferences, my special thanks to our hosts Diana Revolus, Debora Abena, Debbie Marquis, Precious Nyarambi and Diana Marquis-Solomon who tripled as a host, Graphics Designer and also an Events Manager.

I would also like to thank our volunteers Ken Otuol and Jesse Mabonga from Byoosi.com Ltd. Ken is the brain behind the designing of our marvelous African History Month website while Jesse tirelessly worked on graphics for this crucial event in African History.

My special thanks to all our guests, speakers and panelists who honoured this ancestral call to be part of the first ever African History Month events.

Thank you to the founding President of Namibia H.E Dr. Sam Nujoma, Antony Browder our Keynote speaker, Dr. The Most Honourable Anthony Gabby Carter the Cultural Ambassador of Barbados, Dr. Kevin Washington, Monique Russell, Prof Elizabeth Leiba, Prof Mammo Muchie,Paul Obinna  and Dr. Julius Garvey the son of the Most Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey . Thank you for being part of redefining the history of Africa.

I know its impossible to mention the names of all those who made the African History Month such a memorable event and thus thank you everyone, thank you to our viewers on 2nacheki TV YouTube channel, African History Month channel and those watching on the United States of Africa Facebook page.

Finally, my special thanks to our sponsors 2nacheki TV YouTube Channel for sponsoring our stream and allowing us to stream African History Month conference events to your platform with over 760,000 subscribers thus extending our reach.

Thank you to Asarci Real Estate for sponsoring the African History Month premium domain and thank to the Council of Ethiopian Diaspora Action for streaming our events to your platform.

The United States of Africa will soon start a new program which will focus on different aspects of African History to keep the momentum that the African History Month has created.

Since it has become so clear that its impossible to exhaust all African History within the African History Month, the new program will be coming to you on a weekly basis and we will notify you as soon as this is ready for launch.

This makes the end of the first African History Month in 2021 and the next series of events will take place from 1st March -1st April 2022.


Asante Sana


Thank you and God Bless Africa.

Daniel Mwambonu


African History Month




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